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The Rocketcases Afterburner Guide

QuickStart Charge
  1. Remove case from packaging
  2. Install onto iPhone
  3. Press power button to start charging iPhone

Getting Started

The Afterburner comes in two pieces: a top and a bottom. Insert your iPhone into the bottom piece aligning your iPhone with the lightning connector. Insert the top piece so it lines up along the rails of the bottom piece. It will then snap together.

We recommend charging your Afterburner for 3.5 hours to fill your new battery case to capacity.

How to Charge your Afterburner Battery Case

Charging iPhone with your Afterburner installed
Push the button on the bottom left of the Afterburner to allow for your computer or power outlet to charge your iPhone directly. The Afterburner will indicate that it is passing the charge through to your iPhone by having only the left LED light lit up. Your iPhone should also indicate that it is charging.

Charging the Afterburner
The Afterburner will charge by default when you plug it into your computer or power outlet. The LEDs will light up and the blinking LED will indicate the batteries current capacity. The blinking LED will move left to right as the battery charge increases. For a full charge, please allow 3.5 hours.

Recommended Charging Method:
When the Afterburner is plugged in, push the power button to charge your iPhone first. Once your iPhone is full, the Afterburner will switch to charging the battery in the case. This way, if you leave it overnight, both will be charged in the morning.

Note: Once the Afterburner is fully charged, it will not switch over to charging your iPhone.

Charging your iPhone with your Afterburner

Push the button on the bottom left of the Afterburner to start charging the iPhone. Your iPhone should indicate it is charging and the 4 LED lights will light up with one blinking. The blinking LED gives you an indication of how much charge is left in the battery: 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%. The blinking LED will move right to left as the battery charge decreases.

Syncing the iPhone with iTunes

To sync your iPhone with iTunes, connect the Afterburner to your computer via the lightning connector. Press the charge button to pass the power to your iPhone instead of the Afterburner. This will allow you to sync with iTunes as well.

60 Day Limited Warranty

We're proud to offer an extrended 60 day limited warranty on all our Afterburner cases.

Headphones with Big Plugs

The Afterburner only has a small hole for the headphone jack which fits the Apple headphones you receive with your iPhone and headphones with a similar size plug.

For headphones with a bigger jack, we recommend getting a headphone adaptor (Amazon: http://amzn.com/B0013RTHEO).

Belt Clip/Holster

We are currently in the works to either design or source a belt clip/holster that will match the beauty and functionality of the Afterburner. Stay tuned!

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