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Girls With Slingshots iPhone Case

Hazel and Jamie of Girls With Slingshots play telephone
on your telephone, old-school style.

30 days after deadline
Progress per device
iPhone SE & iPhone 5S/5
Funding complete!
iPhone 4S & 4
Funding complete!


This case has been fully funded!

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Now you can put Girls With Slingshots on your iPhone!

Rocketcases - the same company that made my AWESOME cassette tape iPhone case - and GWS have wanted to collaborate on a case together for over a year now, and it's finally happening!

Okay, to be fair, I really want a GWS case for my own iPhone. The great part about my job is that I get to make stuff that I want, and then make it available to everyone else. ;)

I really liked the idea of Hazel and Jamie playing some "tin can telephone" with each other on a smartphone. The cover design works on its own, but it'll look double-sweet with the wallpaper of mischievous McPedro running interference behind the girls on the screen of your phone. So if you download the wallpaper (and yes, that's free), you'll get the whole gang. :)

These cases are made to fit either the iPhone 5S/5 or the 4S/4, and yes, I will definitely sign it for you if you bring it to a convention!

Thanks in advance for helping us get these made!

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