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Captain Quinn iPhone Case

Help bring the Captain's Fishing Show to Life.

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What is Casestarter?

Casestarter allows individuals, artists, bands and brands to create a case for their awesome fans and followers.

How does this work?

Once this case has been funded, it will take less than 30 days to manufacture. You will receive an e-mail notification once funding has been reached, and again once it has been shipped.

What if the case isn't funded?

If the case doesn't meet the deadline, all pre-orders will be refunded in full. We offer a full 100% money-back guarantee.

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If you loved our video "Sh*t Fishermen Say" then now is your chance to dress your iPhone up in the sexiest little suit around! The Shit Fishermen Say iPhone Case was designed with passion, style and most importantly — you in mind.

If you support our cause and enjoy our funny awesome videos then help us make more! Get your official Shit Fishermen Say iPhone Case today!

We are on a quest to promote the outdoors to save the outdoors through outdoor entertainment such as funny films, short films, longer films, cool how-to videos and a variety of fantastically engaging series. We also share stories, photos and spearhead different outdoor outreach programs.

Our hope is to keep making awesome outdoor based videos that make you laugh and want to go outside.

Help us produce our next production!

A comedic fishing adventure series

This fishing series will combine all the best things about fishing adventure into one stylish, hilarious, informative, engaging and tremendously awesome fishing series. Critics are calling Captain Quinn the next generation of fishing shows. Some are even saying that he is revolutionizing the genre. This series aims to do just that with a healthy dose of humor.

We aim to have the pilot complete by February 17, 2013-whoops that's in the past, I mean 2014! We will release it free to youtube for your enjoyment!

Our next feature "Chucking Fluff"

This longer documentary style film will take you on an incredible and humorous journey involving one man's (Captain Quinn) journey to pursue the elusive steelhead trout in North Western BC. The bulk of the filming is already complete and the story line is formed but post production can really eat up time and budget and it is in these areas where your support will be greatly appreciated.

We are aiming to have this film complete by March 21, 2014 but it may even be sooner. This film will be submitted to several film festivals and will be posted live to youtube free for your enjoyment!

We make new films every week

In addition to these two production goals, we are always working on releasing at least 1 new film every week on through our Youtube channel.

Our goal for these films is to always make them awesomely entertaining and often humorous.

Thanks for your kind support,
Keep being awesome,
Captain Quinn

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