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The Woody iPhone 5S & 5

The Woody Case for iPhone 5S & 5 - Rocketcases
Organically wrap your iPhone 5S or 5 in the best wood case on the market. The Woody fully protects your phone from falls, dings and scratches. It's made of 100% real wood, with that real wood smell and feel, and each case is completely unique from the last.


We're sorry, this case has been discontinued.

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The Woody Case for iPhone 5S & 5 - Rocketcases
Every Case is Unique Because the case is made from real wood, each and every case has a different wood grain cut giving a unique feel
Straight from the forest And right onto your phone. Organic, renewable, eye-catching protection.
Real working wood buttons The volume and sleep buttons are made of small pieces of wood to protect their functions and makes them look sharp.

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