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Cassette Tape iPhone SE & iPhone 5S/5

Cassette Tape Case for iPhone SE & iPhone 5S/5 - Rocketcases
Looking for that perfect gift for that embarrassing hipster in your family, or that friend that laughs at the guy who rides a fixie while he himself is slicking his hair to the side and fastening his cardigan?


We're sorry, this case has been discontinued.

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Cassette Tape Case for iPhone SE & iPhone 5S/5 - Rocketcases

Silicone Goodness

This case is made from smooth, soft silicone. The case is easy to clean, tear resistant and flame resistant.

Unreal look and feel

Looks identical to a real cassette and protects your phone!

Not ghetto blaster compliant

If only it could play in a tape deck but at least your friends won't know the difference.

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