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Retro Cassette Tape iPhone 4S & 4

Cassette Tape iPhone 4 Case - iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S - Rocketcases
The retro cassette tape cover for your iPhone 4 & 4S. A huge improvement over those other cheap silicone cases that slide right off when you don't want it to, this hard plastic slip-on case is the perfect replica of the old school cassette tape. Ghetto Blaster not included. Available in 6 awesome colors!

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Cassette Tape iPhone 4 Case - iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S - Rocketcases

Bring on TPU

TP What? Basically the best material for an iPhone case; Impact absorption, protection, fit, finish and feel.

Unreal look and feel

Looks and feels exactly like a cassette tape — mix tape tracks from the 90s not included.

Not ghetto blaster compliant

We know. We know. If only it could play in a tape deck but at least your friends won't know the difference.

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