Where is Spotlight in iOS 7?

Finding Spotlight in iOS 7 can be a challenge if you’ve recently upgraded from iOS 6. This useful little feature, that allows you to quickly search for anything on your iPhone directly from the home screen, is still just a swipe (in a different direction) away! In iOS 7 to find Spotlight, all you need to do is a quick swipe down from any home screen.  Previously, in iOS 6, swiping left would lead you to Spotlight.

iOS 7 Home Screen

Find Spotlight in iOS 7

Swipe down to access Spotlight in iOS 7

Where is Spotlight in iOS 7

Ta-da! Spotlight in iOS 7!

*Important: If you swipe down from the very top of the screen you’ll open the notification center, not Spotlight. You’ll need to swipe down from a little below the top.