Search a Webpage in Safari on iOS 7

This is a helpful tool for those times when you need to find a specific word on a webpage or within an article, and don’t want to go through the odious task of scrolling or reading through the entire thing.

While this feature has changed in iOS7 and may throw you off a bit at first, it is actually more convenient. You now may search for any word within the webpage by just entering it into the search bar above.  You will then be given the option to search “on this page” or to begin a new web search entirely. For example…


Your webpage

Safari iOS 7 Webpage

Your search (in this case, the word “case”)

Search in Safari iOS 7

Scroll to the bottom and select the “On This Page” option

Safari Search Results iOS 7

When you’re done searching you just tap “done” in the bottom right hand corner!