Today is the day

Skye and I (Jon) have now left our long time jobs. We will be working on Rocketcases full-time along with Jim, who has already been doing just that.¬†We’re really excited to be able to put all our time and energy into this exciting little company we’ve created together.

We couldn’t do this without you, our amazing and awesome customers and friends.

So cheers to you, and the future of Rocketcases!

Jon, Skye and Jim

Team Photoshoot in Vancouver


We got the team together today to do a little head and full body shot photoshoot for some upcoming articles and interviews we’ll be featured in. We needed to get some photos of us all together, so we grabbed Jim’s camera and tripod and headed to one of the beautiful beaches of Vancouver, BC. We were pressed for time so we set up, jumped on some rocks, and snapped away. All in all, we think the photos turned out pretty well.

What do you guys think? We think this shot looks pretty good.

Maybe we should start a boy band.

Jon, Jim and Skye

ps. Oh, here’s the article.

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