Ghetto Blaster Photo Contest

Our friends over at Ghetto Blaster Magazine have started a contest to give away 5 of our awesome Ghetto Blaster iPhone cases. Head on over to their Twitter to check it out and you can enter to win!

Update: Congratulations to the 5 winners of the Ghetto Blaster Magazine contest!

Twitter Cassette Tape Giveaway

Want to win a free Cassette Tape case for your iPhone 5 or 4S? We’re doing a little giveaway with our Twitter account. Simply RT the tweet below, and follow our account, for your chance to win! The contest ends today at 3pm.

Give it a shot! Odds are in your favour.

Update: Congratulations to @votresibelle, @VIETforVENDETTA, and @awabia on winning a brand new Cassette tape case each!

-Jim, Jon and Skye